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“It's not a photograph until it's printed. Otherwise it's just dots in the ether, lost as soon as the power goes out.”

Jens Rosenkrantz Jr.’s photographs are more than just images captured by a camera. They showcase the ethos, emotions, and lived experiences of a seasoned citizen of the world.


Now in his third career after accounting and investments, Jens believes his ‘good eye’ has helped him capture diverse subjects, including nature, travels within our country and abroad and our ever-changing city. What he especially enjoys focusing on is light, as it shifts through the day, as well as shapes, colors, textures, and shadows. He says he likes to capture that which is not readily revealed. Over the past three years, Jens has travelled to Cuba five times. Each visit seems to make a deeper impression on him. His photographs from Cuba are not just tourist images, but rather his personal connections to people met, places visited, and conversations had.


Jens’ extraordinary images offer new perspectives and impressions to the viewer, with a body of work that “changes as the scenery changes”. Jens acknowledges that although he has been influenced by many past and current artists, he prefers to work alone, honing his own style, and capturing that which touches his heart. His one regret through this journey? He wishes he had started sooner!

Written by Priya Rama for Gallery 708

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