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“I like looking beyond what I see; it’s more about what I feel and sense, and that becomes a part of my art”


Cynthia Lockhart’s fiber art is infused with a kaleidoscope of diverse influences, seeking inspiration from nature and multihued aspects of African and cultural arts. Cynthia’s textile compositions are distinguished by their pulsating colors, simulating the vivaciousness of her African ancestry, and by their irregular, dynamic and organic shapes. These art ‘quilts’ push the boundaries of the traditional quilt form into new modes of expression. 


Cynthia has moved seamlessly from a career of fashion design to a fine arts creator. And, along the way, has been an academic at University of Cincinnati’s DAAP, mentoring many eager minds. Her experience in the fashion industry has solidified her transition to fine art maker, as can be seen in her layered, dimensional works, always superbly finished. She says, “I can tackle any fabric, I can upholster, I create new techniques for what I want to do. I’m afraid of nothing.”

Cynthia’s love for what she does can be seen and felt in every piece that she creates. This is the same love and excitement she says she felt, as a young child designing fabulous new clothing for her dolls!  “I believe an artist is called to create and to inspire others,” explains Lockhart, “This is a unique gift. The journey of life, its path and my faith, continue to be a rich source of my inspiration…It is my desire that my artwork encourages our human family to see the endless possibilities of Hope, Joy and Love.”


Alongside creating, Cynthia enjoys taking classes: “I love pushing myself and growing, and I enjoy learning”. She adds, “I also love to travel. It is very important to my process. Learning about other cultures and visiting other U.S. cities and abroad has expanded my perspectives about life”. Cynthia is energized by the process of creating, the evolution from an idea to the hands-on experience of the concept being shaped. She shares: "Color, shape, form and texture is where I begin my process. I sketch nearly every day it is as much a part of me as breathing. Like turning a page in a book I look forward to the next day and the next story I will begin or continue to explore. Fashion, music, culture, and travel drive my ideations and creative progress. My art is abstract in nature and contains the emotions and atmosphere, trends of the times. I like looking beyond what I see, it more about what I feel and sense that becomes a part of my art."


As an award-winning artist, Cynthia continues to be an active contributor in the design and art community from a local, national, and international perspective. Her honors include a solo show at the Weston Gallery in Cincinnati, along with other regional, national and international art exhibitions, an artist review in the New York Times, and over 50 other regional and national publications. Cynthia’s works are part of esteemed museum and private

collections. Noteworthy is her inclusion in the, “Encyclopedia of African American Artists” and on the cover of the iconic fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily.


Cynthia Lockhart’s fiber art creations draw inspiration from Art deco, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Modern Art, Fashion Arts and African Arts traditions, as well as iconic designers Mies van der Rohe, Koos Van Den Akker and Stephen Burrows.


Written by Priya Rama for Gallery 708

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