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LESLIE DALY  Sculpture, Furniture

“My work is an amalgam of things we know and imagine. It is not figurative, realistic or classical...

it is abstract, intuitive, and organic”.

Sculptor Leslie Daly’s ideas for creation come from anything and everything around her. Going on a walk, driving getting errands done, going to shows, or hanging around with friends, can get her idea machine rolling. A leaf, a seed pod, an organic form, they all become starting points for Leslie’s creations! Leslie is not concerned about creating things that everybody will like, but rather she stays true to the concept that got the process rolling. And by the time she’s done, it is a piece that draws you in and keeps you there.

Primarily working with steel, glass, and clay, Leslie is open to testing and working with a variety of materials. You can see Leslie’s approach to art-making in her pieces at Gallery 708, and also at her upcoming solo exhibit “In the Shallows: Nature Abstracted”, opening August 9th at Brazee Gallery.

In the Shallows: Nature Abstracted “aims to draw attention to biological and ecological motifs and formations often found in the sea with particular attention to examining their existence and duality of permanence vs. impermanence. Daly’s work conceptualizes materials including steel, glass, and 1,000 plastic bottles and incorporates patters and structures in a range of scale and scope to provoke consideration and curiosity of the natural world and the impact humans have on the environment”

(courtesy Brazee Gallery promotional materials).

Leslie says, “Effective art provokes conversation and appreciation. It provides a sense of place, curiosity, completeness”. Come and spend a few minutes with her work, and find the one that calls your name!

Written by Priya Rama for Gallery 708

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