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KENT KRUGH  Photographer

“I want my art to point to the Creator, and in the process to bring Glory to Him”.

Growing up on a farm in northern Ohio, Kent had many opportunities to become one with nature, which “reinforce[d his] astonishment at the intricacies of life and the physical processes that drive our universe”. Taking pictures since the age of 10, Kent entered the world of fine art photography much later on. He says, “My work depends on the whim of the muse within and without”, experimenting with both b/w and color photography. A trained physicist in radiological processes, Kent also works with xrays to shape unique perspectives on familiar items such as dolls, cameras and other natural objects. His poster of xrayed cameras, Speciation of Cameras, has been highly sought by photography enthusiasts.

Kent’s vision for a project determines the process, medium and technique. He almost always creates a series, using digital image capture or pinholes, instant film, tin types, home-made lens attachments, and x-rays. Kent’s work “is often based on the theme of nature and the witness it provides about the genius of the Creator”. He says, “I am in awe of what I find and see in our natural world.  The more I study and learn about the natural world and the universe, the more I am astonished at its complexity and teleological basis”. 
Kent attributes the start of his career to being advised and mentored by Lisa Britton, Judi Parks, and Bill Messer. He has also been influenced by Pictorialist photographers such as Alvin Langdon Coburn and Eward Steichen, American photographers Walker Evans and Lee Friedlander, and by the work of Jerry Uelsmann. Outside of photography, Kent counts John Henry Twachtman, Richard Serra, and Piet Mondrian among his influencers.

Seven color images from Kent’s Inside the Gate series of tree portraits will be specially highlighted and displayed at Gallery 708’s upcoming member showcase event, “Emergence: Coming into View”. 

Opening on Friday, September 7, this exhibit will run through the end of October. These works exemplify Kent’s scientific and inquisitive nature, as he asks himself, “What would happen if…?”

Written by Priya Rama for Gallery 708

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