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JUDITH SERLING-STURM  Handmade Books, Objects

Judith Serling-Sturm, Chair of the Cincinnati Book Arts Society, creates exquisite hand made books that can be used for any purpose! Featured here are two styles that are very popular with our gallery visitors--MIDORI books: A Japanese book structure wherein the signatures (group of pages) are tethered instead of being bound. This allows for refills, with any kind of paper, and one can easily stuff the book! Judith says "I like this binding because it is so versatile. It can be used for so many different media. And the pages lie flat. Midori books offer the user flexibility". This is why these books are so perfect for utilitarian or artistic usage.


FATTIES: When Judith broke her arm for the second time, she was unable to exercise or create. Bored and feeling like a 'fattie', she decided to do something with the leftover leather scraps and paper pieces. Thus were born the Fatties! "I didn't want to chuck these scraps and thought it's boring to do a small, thin book. So, I decided to do little books, fat but still usable! 360 pages in each!" And there you have it-- little books you can slip into any purse, bag or pocket, always at the ready!


All of Judith's books are covered in rugged, recyclable materials such as leather and rubber. You want one of these, don't you? Find them at Gallery708!


Images ©Judith Serling-Sturm

Written by Priya Rama for Gallery 708

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