Phyllis Sadler

Textile Artist

The sense of sight has always dominated our other senses as the preferred way of viewing art. Because some artists create artwork with materials that include fibers, the hierarchy of sight is challenged. Our sense of touch involves direct contact, bringing the physical properties to life, and we carry a memory of it always. We recreate the feeling from our memory and can 'feel' it with our eyes.


My work with textiles involves using mixed fibers and manipulating threads and stitches to create a textured 3-dimensional artwork, or by collaged hand-dyed silk fabrics, with and without the addition of stitching. When stitching, I think in layers using both spontaneity and control with stitch direction and thread types producing pattern and line, while beading and metallic threads keeps the eye searching.  Texture supplies the expressive element that is unique to textiles, and I hope you can feel my work with your eyes.


My silk scarves are hand-dyed and designed using varied methods from hand-painting and silkscreen printing to Japanese Shibori techniques which create patterns from the dyes.