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John Weller


Cypress Glow.jpeg
Dock in Mist.jpeg
Summer Reed.jpeg
Moon Over Vero II.jpeg

As an artist, my primary goal is to create art that elicits an emotional response, The mood I try to convey is one of calmness, serenity, tranquility - perhaps the Japanese word "wa" describes it best. Moments of harmony, peace and balance (the definition of "wa"), are far to rare in our lives but within them lie the seeds of contentment.

My photographs are not documentary in nature. I am not really all that interested in how the scene actually looked. For me, the photograph is the raw material that I will modify as needed to document how the moment felt. It is not that I believe that I can improve upon nature itself; but the translation of a 3-dimensional world, experienced with all five senses, into a 2-dimensional visual experience requires ... well ... some translation.

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