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Donna Talerico

Oil Painting


I came to Cincinnati fresh out of college in 1969, and have lived here ever since.  My degree in marketing got me a job in a dept. store, as an assistant buyer, and my love for art led me to learn the skill of retail fashion illustration, a field where I made a career for 20 years.  My desire to learn another language pulled me to France.  Many trips followed.  Then, in 1998, I made a fateful trip to a painting workshop in Soreze where I fell in love with color and began to paint.


At best, I paint intuitively and fearlessly; I do not tiptoe through a painting.  I see and paint shapes and patterns in all my work, and am excited most in the borderlands where fashionable women or streetside cafes molt into splashes of color, and where splashes of color make sense and come alive. This blend and balance of representation and abstraction continues to fascinate and challenge me.

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