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Angela Mascolino


In my neighborhood I may be known as the crazy leaf lady. As soon as the first leaves begin to reveal their true colors in August, my outdoor exercise routine often includes stuffing my pockets with leaves. I've even wrapped bouquets of leaves in my umbrella on more than one occasion.


My artistic eye is drawn to the abstract shapes, contrasting colors and textures of individual leaves. What do I do with all these crunchy, fragile collections in my pockets? I take them home, place them on my favorite windowsill and photograph them until the obsession is satiated for the moment. In 2020, I noticed the variety of colorful leaves on the barberry bush right beside my back door and thus started my barberry painting series.


I'm now adding azalea, dogwood and other varieties of leaves. Regardless, my color palette and minimalistic backgrounds will unify the collection. I'm enjoying branching out and extending this evolving collection. As I watch monumental trees lose their limbs and leaves reveal their last bursts of color, I'm reminded to appreciate the beauty of inevitable changes of life and to learn from them. 

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